Thursday, February 14, 2008

V day angst

I'm so terrible at blogs...

So, anywho, Happy Singles Awareness Day, which was once the feast day of some saint or other, starts with a V... I assume the saint was gay, since the holiday includes lots of pink, flowers, mushy things, and kisses. Very unmasculine. So happy gay saint day! (Don't cha just love my logic? )

Speaking of gay... I had this long disscussion in Creative Writing class with Beck and Abby about life, angst, gayness, relationships... well, it happens everyday. And I'm trying not to feel sorry for myself about the fact that I don't have a boyfriend OR girlfriend. I've never been asked. EVER. (Okay, I lied. Some really annoying guy I met at camp has hit on me. He tried to get me to read some encylopedia of heavy metal, and he smelled bad. guys do. But he doesn't count.) Do I have this sign on my forehead that says "I'M NOT INTERESTED", or am I just that unattractive? I don't think I'm bad looking, really. So I have concluded it must be my personality. Nobody wants me. No-frickin-body. I kind of expected to at least get an offer in high school. I was even hoping for it to be a girl so I could 'experiement' (*coughplaywithboobiescough*).... But nothing. nothin nothing nothing. All the interesting people are taken, of course, and nobody really knows me that well yet, so I don't get invited to things... I mean, they make an effort, I'm sure, but I just feel so left out of the loop sometimes. *sigh*

Okay, I'll stop angsting now. really. And if you're wondering about the date, this was written on the 14th, but posted on the... 16th. Bye chicas. -M

Saturday, February 2, 2008

*Breaks Glass of Wine Over New Blog*

"Well now, what have we here? A new blog? Again?! Mica, are you going to forget about this one too? Like the last time you had a blog... or a webcomic... or a website... or a journal.. or a diary... or even an organizer-"

"Okay, stop it! Slander! Slander I tell you!"

"It's not slander, it's true!"

"I kept up some of them! The webcomic lasted a whole year... one of the webcomics... with hiatuses... um... yeah."

"See? You'll never stick with this."

"Well, maybe I'll keep it longer than the LiveJournal one. Or the Wordpress one. Or that time I used Freewebs. Eheh. I'll just stop talking now."

"Yes, you're only proving me right. Hush now, I'll explain to the (complete absence of) readers..."

Okay...*clears throat*Hello dearies. This is Mica's new blog "Yes, it's mine! I'm just letting the voices in my head write in it for a while!" *ahem* (shut up Mica!) ...anyways, as I was saying, welcome to her new blog- er, our new blog. Now, regarding the title of this post, I suppose this is a christening. And you're probably also wondering why it has such a long ridiculous name. Don't ask me. Ask her. Who is technically me. But we're not schizo. No, perfectly sane here. *hides psycological evaluation* Eheh. Well, all great artists and writers were crazy, right? Goes with the territory, so to speak.

Yes, probably most of it will make very little sense. Like this. Cheers, mate!